Amethyst Briolette in 14K YG

Briolette Beauty

Worn by some of the most powerful women in history for near a millennium, briolette cut gemstones have stood the test of time as one of the most daring and elegant cuts.

Unlike today’s brilliant cut that focuses on maximizing light from the table of a gem, the briolette is designed to be viewed from every angle. With a more delicate glow than a round brilliant cut – it’s more akin to the glow of the full moon than the sun at high noon.



Advice for Engraving Your Wedding Bands

engraved wedding bandsA beautiful sentiment of the love you feel for your partner, the words you choose to engrave inside their wedding band will stay with them for many years to come. Deciding on the perfect words or numerals to share with your spouse can be difficult, so consider these suggestions as you ponder the love and romance you and your soon-to-be spouse share.

Surprise Message or Shared Quote

When it comes to your engravings, there are a few different questions to consider before visiting the jeweler:

  • Are you and your partner looking to surprise each other with the words in your bands?
  • Are you interested in engraving matching numerals or phrases?
  • Are you hoping to split one beautiful quote between the two rings?

Regardless of what style of engraving you decide upon, there are endless options to consider within the category. For example: If you would like to engrave a special date inside your ring you could choose the day you met, your first date, the date of your engagement or your wedding day.

Check Your Spelling

Before you give your engraving request to your jeweler, remember to double and triple check your spelling! Your engraving is an incredibly personal choice, making it difficult for your jeweler to make a judgement call on if the spelling seems correct or not.

Remember, this phrase will be with you forever, so ensure that you have the quote right and the spelling and punctuation perfect.

Ensure Proper Sizing

Once your ring has been engraved, it can be difficult to have sizing performed; one of the many reasons that it is so important to have your ring finger professionally sized when you order your wedding bands. Ensuring you have the right fit before you get your band engaged will save money and prevent part of your engraving from being cut off or stretched out.

If you are shopping for wedding bands in San Diego, California, Diamonds Forever is here to help! Start your search with us online, and then visit our shop at 3689 Midway Dr. Suite A for the perfect fit and an engraving that will bring tears of joy to your loved one’s eyes.


Emerald Envy

Ancient and aristocratic — the hypnotic beauty of emeralds have symbolized hope, rebirth, and the arrival of spring since ancient times. It’s no mistake that the promised land in The Wizard of Oz was called Emerald City. The author knew their power.

Emeralds have been around for thousands of years. Cleopatra was a huge fan, as was the actress that played her on the silver screen. While Elizabeth Taylor had some beautiful jewelry, by far her most famous piece was a 23.44 carat octagonal step-cut emerald and diamond brooch that Richard Burton bought her in Italy while filming Cleopatra. The brooch was later added to a necklace — and of course she got the matching earrings, bracelet, and ring. She’s Elizabeth Taylor.