Wedding Trends of 2017

With each passing year, wedding trends come and go. If you’ve ever looked at your parents wedding photos, you probably saw a lot of lace and a lot of volume. If you had family that got married in the early 2000’s, you probably saw a lot of strapless gowns and sequins. With 2017 in full-swing, weddings and engagement rings have started to develop new trends.

Colored Stones Stick

The fact that colored gemstones are trending for engagement rings is no surprise to us. As we’ve mentioned, colored diamonds are in high demand and now, potential brides are demanding them too.  Many blushing brides will likely be making a bold statement in 2017 with a colorful engagement ring. From a colored diamond to a unique sapphire piece, colored stones are making their way into the wedding industry and onto ring fingers.

Get the Groom’s First Look

Honestly, we can’t look at what photographers are referring to as “first look photos” without getting emotional. This upcoming trend is something we are in full support of, especially if we get to see the end results. “First look photos” are when the photographer takes pictures of the groom’s reaction when he sees the bride for the very first time. It is done before the wedding in a private setting, where the intimate moment can be captured with no interruptions. The reactions are so sweet, and maybe it’s the Valentine chocolate talking, but we can’t even.

Rope Rings Reign

Another engagement ring trend that you can expect to see in 2017 are rings with intertwined bands. These rings almost appear to have two different bands, with each one looking slightly different when compared to the other. For instance, some of the band might have stones while the rest of it might be relatively plain. The band of this engagement ring looks very similar to how a rope would, making the focus of the ring your stone in the center. For many people, the rope style band symbolizes two lives becoming one, and we think that idea is exceptionally sweet.

Brides Go Greenery

Flowers were often “all the rage” at weddings, but weddings in 2017 are likely going to be filled with lush greens instead. Brides are tossing petals aside and choosing to highlight the basics.  Many brides in 2017 are expected to go the “simple” route with their wedding décor, which has been a common theme in the past few months. Weddings are likely going to be filled with different shades of green such as moss, eucalyptus, and so forth. Flowers had their moment to shine, and 2017 brides are shifting them from a focus to a detail.

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There are many things to consider when choosing a diamond. Among other things, the diamond’s girdle is something that should not be overlooked. The girdle of a diamond is the outermost edge of the diamond and the widest part of the stone. It connects the crown, or top, with the pavilion, or bottom. The girdle is the part that makes contact with the setting and in loose diamonds is how length and width are measured. It doesn’t stay the same amount of thickness all the way around the diamond but varies considerably.There is an eight grade system for thickness of the girdle and it ranges from extremely thin to extremely thick. Most experts recommend trying to find a diamond in the middle, from thin to medium.



Colored Diamonds Grow in Demand

If someone asked you to picture a diamond, you likely picture a traditional white sparkling stone. However, that picture is quickly fading for some people. Demand for colored diamonds is on the rise, and investors are doing whatever they can to profit from these unique stones.

As many women know and love, diamonds come in a variety of colors.

In recent months, colored diamonds have become highly sought after.

Colored diamonds are considered especially unique because they are created when a chemical element is trapped during the diamond’s formation process which only happens on rare occasions and results in a colored diamonds. (This process also takes about a million years but we’d consider it worth the wait!)

In the spring of 2016, a Geneva-based fund-manager purchased a bright orange diamond for over $1 million per carat, and the trend has continued on, resulting in higher prices for colored diamonds each month.

From 2009 to 2016, the price of a pink diamond increased nearly 180%, reaching an absolute record high.

The demand for blue and yellow colored diamonds has also grown tremendously in the past several years. In May of 2016, a 14.62-carat blue diamond sold for over 57 million dollar, making history as the most expensive jewel ever sold at an auction.

Colored diamonds used to be a focus of wealthy collectors but lately, luxury markets are also seeking them out.

Professional investors have started investing in colored diamonds on behalf of wealthy clients as well. The high prices of these diamonds are attracting investors and they keep competing for colored stones, resulting in increased prices.

The sudden increase in interest of colored diamonds can’t exactly be pinpointed.

The sudden obsession with colored diamonds could be a result of people realizing how rare these stones are.

According to the Gemological Institute of America, just one out of every 10,000 diamonds is considered colored.

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We Support Your Holiday Proposal

We noticed a lot of different articles slamming holiday proposals in recent weeks. Although everyone is entitled to their own opinion, our opinion is a little bit different.

Breaking News: We support holiday proposals!

Whether you popped the big question in December or you “rang” in the New Year, (see what we did there) we think that the holiday season is the perfect time to let your love shine through. Although a holiday proposal is often thought of as “cliché,” we think it can be charming, enchanting, and just plain romantic. We have selected a few reasons that people argue against holiday proposals so we can argue our own opinion in support of romantic gestures.

They Are Too Public

Many people feel that a holiday proposal is too public and that you draw to much attention to you and your future spouse by proposing. However, you do not need to propose in the middle of your family dinner or a crowded street. A holiday proposal doesn’t mean that it has to be done in front of everyone else, you still can choose where and how to propose. It can be an intimate moment between two people on a late night walk, a private meal, or the quiet corner of a Christmas tree farm.

They Are a Social Media Scam

This might come as a shock for some people but not everything people do is done so it can be posted on social media. Granted we are all guilty of purchasing the doughnut that we think will look good paired with our favorite Instagram filter, most people don’t propose just so they can change their Facebook status. A proposal is a serious commitment. It is a prelude to one of the most serious commitments that you can make in your lifetime. Although you’ll likely see a holiday proposal come across your feed, please don’t believe that it was done for that reason. That person is simply sharing their moment just as they would if it was the middle of September because they are elated and they deserve to be.

They Are an Easy Way Out

This might be the most ridiculous reason we came across that we are almost embarrassed to share it ourselves. Some people claim that a holiday proposal is a way to get out of giving a gift. If you’re stuck on what to give someone for a holiday, you would purchase a scarf or a sweater, not an engagement ring. A small bottle of perfume is an “easy way out” but an engagement ring most certainly is not. An engagement ring is a declaration of unfailing love; it doesn’t say “Sorry, I’m bad at picking out gifts.”

There is no right or wrong to time to propose to the woman you love. If you have been waiting for the “right time” and you think that right time is in the middle of the holiday season, then plan a holiday proposal.

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