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Hints for Successful Holiday Proposals

The holiday season is undeniably romantic. It is full of crackling fires, twinkling lights, and ribbons of red. While some of us are busy wrapping brown paper packages in string, others are busy planning a holiday proposal. If you are planning to drop the big question this holiday season, we have some hints for you on how to do so successfully.

Set Aside Alone Time

The holiday season is packed with parties and obligations. We set a lot of time aside for our loved ones during the holiday season. However, it can make it difficult to get some time alone with our significant other. If your girlfriend absolutely loves being around friends and family, a proposal at a holiday party could be ideal. However, if your girlfriend is someone that is relatively shy, she might prefer the proposal to be private. Without giving it away, see if you can figure out what setting she would prefer by asking a close friend or family member. Regardless of which she would prefer, it is vital to have some alone time after you pop the question. You are going to want to hold one another and take it all in.

Use Surrounding Scenery

During the holiday season, streets are packed with beautiful lights and trees with extravagant decorations. Most cities and towns decorate for the holiday season with wreathes, lights, and much more. These streets are a perfect picture background for a proposal. When thinking of a location that you might want to propose, think of what might make for a good picture.  If you plan on having a photographer present, ask them what they might suggest. Whether you choose a private park setting or a bustling street lined with lights, you must consider your location when planning a holiday proposal. Location can really work to your advantage during the holiday season.

Consider the Weather

Although California rarely faces severe weather in the winter months, a large portion of the United States does. If one of you is traveling to the other for the holiday season from a different state, you must consider the weather when planning. Some states face severe winter weather with relentless snowstorms. Planes are often delayed in the winter months. If you are planning a holiday proposal and one of you is traveling to the other, make sure you follow the weather predictions. If you plan to propose at a restaurant that you have booked a reservation with and one of you can’t get there, you’ll have to have an alternative plan.

When planning a holiday proposal or a proposal for any time of the year, it is important to remember that the two of you and the love you share should be the focus. Plan something that you are sure will be special for both of you and it will be unforgettable.

Before we wrap it up, we have one more hint: Purchase her engagement ring from Diamonds Forever to ensure that your holiday proposal sparkles and shines.

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How to Holiday Shop for the Woman in Your Life

The holiday season comes with elves on shelves, fun festivities, and twinkling tinsel, but it also comes with a tremendous amount of pressure for many of us. Whether you have been happily married for years or you are getting cozy with a special someone, shopping for the woman in your life during the holiday season can be a challenge.

We have put together a few pieces of advice to help your gift-giving experience be a great one. Consider the tips below your “stocking stuffers” from Diamonds Forever:

Ask Her Family and Friends

You might think that you can find the perfect gift with no assistance. However, we highly suggest asking your loved one’s family or friends what she might want this year. If she has a sister, she has likely told her sister what she is hoping for this holiday season. Her best friend likely has screenshots of her “ideals” that she sent to her in hopes that you’d ask. Family and friends are typically thrilled to play a role in picking out the perfect present. Trust us, she is expecting you to ask them and they will have good insight. Swallow your pride, put down the gingerbread house kit, and get some answers.

Listen for Her Hints

If the two of you ever go shopping together, she has probably pointed out (on several occasions) different things that she likes or what stores that she prefers. If she points something specific out to you, silently take note of it until you get a chance to put it into your phone. If you purchase something that she has told you in passing that she would want, we have no doubt that you will make the nice list for months to come. When you are out at the stores shopping for family and friends, listen for potential indicators of what she might want for herself. You’ll know exactly what to get her and she’ll get exactly what she wanted.

Look at Her Pinterest Board

The key to a woman’s heart is through her Pinterest board. You might wonder what she spends so much time looking at on Pinterest and it could very well be the perfect holiday gift. In the midst of her pinning plum pudding recipes, she likely has a board packed with purses, jewelry, and outfits that she thinks she will never really receive. If you don’t have your own Pinterest, ask a mutual friend to take a look at hers and send you a few recent pins that could work well as potential gifts. Buying her something off of her Pinterest will guarantee that you are purchasing something she has genuine desire for with no expectation to ever really own it.

Before the sleigh bells start to ring this holiday season, let Diamonds Forever help you create custom jewelry for the love of your life. We believe that diamonds are always the perfect package tied up with string, making the perfect gift every holiday.


Diamond Dialogue – What is Fluorescence Anyway?

Even though it’s only been about a century that fluorescence in diamonds has been looked at seriously, fluorescence in nature has been catching our eye for quite a bit longer. It’s everywhere in the form of jellyfish, coral, butterflies, parrots, plants, crude oil, and minerals.

The easiest way to think about fluorescence is to imagine the glow of jellyfish in the deep blue sea or a neon sign on a starlit night. The more complex way to imagine it is to envision a diamond that appears to glow or change colors when exposed to ultraviolet light.



November Birthstones : Citrine + Topaz

These gems have life in them: their colors speak, say what words fail of.” Mary Ann Evans a.k.a. iconic Victorian novelist George Eliot wrote these words sometime in the mid-1800s. It’s very possible she may have been musing about the gemstones of November as both were very popular in Victorian times.

Although not celebrated as much as sapphires, rubies, and emeralds, the gems of November can hold their own for not only being beautiful, but for being affordable when it comes to, let us say, the larger cuts.