Antique Estate Jewelry in San Diego, CA | Diamonds Forever
This intimate boutique offers custom, designer & antique jewelry, plus repairs & jewelry appraisals.
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Our Mission

Working with clients to create or select jewelry that enhances and reflects their individual approach to fashion. Equal part artisan. Equal part couture jewelry.

Estate Jewelry: Treasures as Unique as You

Having trouble finding what you want from a designer line? Do you have a special eye and distinctive tastes that sets you apart from the crowd? Enhance your unique style by gaining a piece that speaks to your creativity and individuality. Estate jewelry can help reflect who you are and how you approach fashion different than anyone else.

Since 2006, Diamonds Forever in San Diego   has established our unequaled collection of antique, vintage, and estate jewelry including, estate diamond engagement rings, estate cocktail rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more. Our estate jewelry collection is filled with sophisticated styles that hold history and could perfectly compliment your story.


One-of-a-Kind Selection

They just don’t make jewelry like they used to anymore! Vintage pieces never go out of style, no matter what design era they originate from. Find the trendy, wearable art that perfectly complements your modern appeal and style. Stay off the beaten path and reconnect with the trendier you.


Beautiful Estate Jewelry You Can Afford

Vintage and estate jewelry doesn’t need to break the bank. Our expertly trained jewelers are committed to finding exquisite jewelry at exceptional value, helping you discover a variety of rare, eye-catching pieces of estate jewelry with unmatched quality at unmatched pricing. Despite coming from a long-ago time, the design and craftsmanship of these works of art can fit so well with today’s styles.


Establish Lifelong Value

Use yesterday’s treasures to invest in your future value. Every piece of estate jewelry is an asset to be prized—so be sure to get it insured with the help of one of our certified GIA Gemologist appraisals. It can take less than an hour to do, and you’ll enjoy the peace of mind knowing your piece of estate jewelry is protected for a lifetime.


Contact Us Today

Vintage is the new black. Trendy wearable art inspired by every era. Stay off the beaten path and reconnect with the trendier you. Let Diamonds Forever help you join Generation Vintage today.