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This intimate boutique offers custom, designer & antique jewelry, plus repairs & jewelry appraisals.
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Buying a diamond is an exhilarating and unique experience. However, diamonds are like faces, they can be measured and defined in terms of color and dimensions etc., but you cannot define beauty by statistics alone. So while it’s important to understand the characteristics of a diamond, in order to make an informed decision by learning about the 4 C’s of diamond grading. You should also be prepared to view and compare diamonds side by side to make a visual comparison as well.

Each diamond is just like a snowflake, distinctly unique. At Diamonds Forever we can save you weeks of research by doing the hard work for you. Unlike online retailers like BlueNile, we do not present you with thousands of stones from a virtual list. Our experts will cherry-pick the finest cut diamonds available from our network of diamond suppliers based on your requirements and budget using 3 main principles.

Uncompromising Grading

We propose diamonds certified by GIA, HRD or AGS labs. Other laboratories tend to over-grade their stones, giving you a false sense of quality and value.

Impartial Sourcing

We do not own any of the diamonds that we recommend to our clients. We find them and sort them and then we only propose the stones we really believe in and would buy for ourselves. We search far and wide, and only from ethical sources.

Analytical & Financial

Prices vary widely between stones even with identical certificates. We identify the best Color, Clarity and Carat weight combinations to optimize your budget, while never compromising on sparkle.

And Then…

We recommend the best stones to our clients, based on their beauty.

Your goal when buying a diamond should be to get the best that your budget will allow based on which of the four C’s is important to you. Let’s discover which combination is going to make you proud. Balancing all factors of carat, grade and cut is the best approach to choosing a quality diamond.

Viewing Loose Diamonds – The Fifth C (Comparison)

The Internet is without doubt a very valuable tool when it comes to research, but it is very important to be able to view your diamond before you purchase it. By comparing a selection of loose diamonds side by side with your own eyes, you will gain a far greater appreciation of the 4C’s, which will allow you to make a more informed decision. Most people are surprised to see just how little difference there is between each color and clarity grade even though the prices vary greatly.


Diamonds Forever invites you to come in for an obligation-free diamond appointment, where we will show you a range of stones to illustrate the 4C’s with real diamonds, and answer any questions you may have.v